Talion XQ38 Thermal Scope

  • 9 hour operation time on a single charge
  • Multi-point prism mount for precise positioning on a rifle
  • All control elements in direct access
  • Rapid battery extraction mechanism
  • Focus adjustment with tactile marker set for night-time shot


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The Pulsar Talion XQ38 thermal scope is equipped with a high-sensitivity 384×288 Microbolometer, which can detect sources of heat from up to 1475 yards away. These heat sources are projected onto a high-definition 1024×768 AMOLED display and are viewable in 8 color palettes: white-hot, black hot, red hot, rainbow, ultramarine, red monochrome, sepia, and violet. White-hot, black-hot, and red-hot are perfect for detecting objects, while rainbow and ultramarine can be used for better recognition. Red monochrome, sepia, and violet on the other hand, have been optimized for long observation. The Talion XQ38 also has 9 reticles to choose from depending on the situation, and 5 shooting profiles allow the Talion to be used with different types of weapons and cartridges. Other features of the Talion include 3 sensitivity amplification levels combined with new filtration algorithms and fine brightness and contrast adjustments. This feature provides better recognition capabilities in adverse weather conditions and a more defined view of the animal’s trophy features. The Talion is also equipped with Stream Vision 2 WiFi integration for streaming to iOS and Android devices, and onboard image and video capturing abilities allow the user to share hunting memories with family and friends. In addition, the Talion features picture-in-picture mode, which displays a magnified, high-precision, magnified image frame of the target and reticle. This frame provides the user with a closer view of the target but only takes up 10% of the total display area, allowing total visual control of the entire field of view.


• Multi-point prism mount for exact positioning on a rifle
• Rapid extraction battery mechanism
• 9 hours of work on a single charge
• All control elements in direct access
• Focus adjustment with tactile marker set for a nighttime shot.
• Lightweight and rugged magnesium alloy housing
• 3 sensitivity amplification levels
• Variable magnification 2.5х-10х
• Pro-grade sensor with thermal sensitivity<40mK
• Photo and video recording
• Wi-Fi integration with iOS and Android devices. Stream Vision 2 application.
• Waterproof IPX7 housing
• High caliber recoil resistance: 12 gauge, 9.3×64, .375H&H
• 5 shooting profiles / 50 zeroing distances
• A selection of 10 reticle shapes in 9 color modes
• Precision aiming in the “Picture-in-picture” mode
• A selection of different color palettes


Additional information

Weight 70 oz
Dimensions 18 × 6 × 6 in


Mount Type




Type of Microbolometer – Uncooled microbolometer
Frame rate, – Hz 50
Sensor resolution, pix. – 384×288
Sensor NETD, mK <40
Pixel Pitch, μm 17
Display type and resolution, pix. – AMOLED 1024×768
Integrated video recorder – yes
Built-in memory, – GB 16
Integrated Wi-Fi – yes
Stream Vision 2 app support – yes
Magnification – 2.5-10
Digital zoom, x – 2/4
Lens focus, mm – 38
Relative aperture, D/f -‘ 1.2
Field of view, – ° 9.8
Eye relief, mm – 50
Diopter adjustment, dptr. – -3/+4
Detection range, m – 1350
Battery type – B-Pack Pulsar APS5 (Li-Ion)
Battery life, h – 9
External power supply – USB Type-C 5V
Click value (H/V), mm/100m – 17/17
Operating temperature, °С – -25/+50
Level of protection (acc. to IEC 60529) – IPX7
Shock resistance, J – 6000
Dimensions, mm – 330x57x67.2
Weight, kg – 0.7

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